A Special Day…

My morning routine is really quite predictable. When I first wake up, I immediately look at the clock to check the time. Then, half awake, I drag myself into the kitchen to make breakfast, pack lunches and answer a gazillion very important questions, such as, “Mommy, what is 451 minus 387?” I then make myself

Rolling Couscous with Friends

Apparently, couscous doesn’t only come in a box…It even has it’s own dedicated pot. A short while ago, after I posted a recipe for Vareniki (a dish I grew up eating), a friend told me a story about a comfort food from her childhood – handmade couscous. Rita’s Italian family has been making their own

Healthy Back to School Snacks and Lunches

School is about to start and I hope that you are as excited as I am about the beginning of the new school year. My son is entering Kindergarten and, now, both of my kids are on their way to become the next US presidents, big time CEOs and world-renowned doctors, lawyers, and scientists (ok,

A Healthiterian’s Mission Statement

I love food. I love pretty much everything about food — the taste and the smell, the process of preparation, serving it to people, evening meals with my family, going out to restaurants, and dinner parties with friends. For that reason, I would never deprive myself from the pleasure of eating.  I would never skip